Using Gimbals For More Professional Productions

If you are not familiar with using a gimbal your moving shots are probably not as steady as they should be unless you have the worlds steadiest hands.  But if you are human, a gimbal will probably really help you achieve the fluid motion you want in moving shots.  They are particularly useful with small camera like a GoPro due to the vibration often associated with the kind of situation and are also often used for DSLRs to get more professional looking shots.

But you can also use a gimbal on a dolly to help smooth out any motion that may be caused by the rig itself.  If you take a look at some professional camera rigs they are using a gimbal in their setup as well.  Another excellent situation to use a gimbal is when recording with a GoPro on a car.  The uneven surface of the road can cause a lot of vibration and jolting in the video

You’ll need to do some research for your specific kind of camera because not all gimbals are a ‘universal’ fit.  Some are made for small point and shoot camera or GoPro, some for DSLR and others for larger movie camera.  If you are looking to buy one for a DSLR expect the prices to start in the $400-500, and if you are looking to buy one for a video camera be prepared to shell out well over $3000.  They are expensive pieces of equipment but well worth the investment due to the quality shots you can get.