Transcendence (2014) review


If you’re not familiar with the movie transcendence you probably should be, at least if you are into technology and like cyber-punk type stories.  The premise of the story is a brilliant doctor (Johnny Depp) in the field of AI is dying and just before his death his consciousness is uploaded into a computer system where, as time passes, his brilliance spreads into many fields and particularly nanotechnology.  His friends and colleagues all become very frightened of what he is producing, which is basically enhanced humans who might give Superman a run for his money.  I liked this movie for the very real feeling it gives you.  It’s something that couldn’t happen today, but maybe soon.

The story is deeper than at first glance, it’s more than just people fearing what they don’t understand.  It tugs at what really makes a human and how do we know when a machine would truly become human, if ever.  It asks a lot of tough questions that we will likely have to face for real someday.  With the continuous advancement of technology it’s only a matter of time before this fantasy becomes a reality, at least in part.  While it’s hard to imaging creating super-humans through nano-tech augmentation it’s not so hard to believe that nano-tech will start influencing our lives and improving the lifespan of humans in the not too distant future.  So while some of the topics are takes straight from science fiction, it’s clear that at least some of what was seen will likely become science fact and given that I’m sure that this movie will be better appreciated in the future for its futuristic elements that which are likely a glimpse of our future.