The Devil Inside Review (2012)

The Devil Inside Review (2012)

Overall: 3.3 Stars
Story :3 Stars
Acting :3 Stars
Cinematography :3 Stars
Visual Effects :3.5 Stars

The Devil Inside is an entertaining horror movie that claims to be based on a true story.  It stars Fernanda Andrade who plays Isabella Rossi, the daughter of a woman who killed three people during an exorcism that was being performed on her.  The story follows her path as she tries to reconnect with her mother to discover of she was just crazy or really possessed.  The movie serves up a terrifying series of events that can thrill a lot of people and make you think twice about whether or not possession might be a real phenomenon.

The acting is good for the genre, as are the special effects.  It delivers a believable performance from the actors which helps set the mood and the cinematography and visuals assist in that as well.  The movie has a washed out appearance that can be perceived as a visualization of the minds of possession victims.

Overall, a decent movie to watch and another interesting take on the whole possession and exorcism  scene which has almost become a sub-genre itself.