The Boy

Ever see one of those creepy doll movies that gave you nightmares for a week?  Well hold on to your covers because The Boy is coming to a theater near you so you can get your fill of sleep depriving memories for days to come.

The story revolves around a nanny who is hired to take care of a young boy for an elderly couple and she is surprised to find that the boy is really just a doll that comes with a very explicit set of rules like ‘don’t leave him alone’ and ‘don’t cover his face’.  The nanny soon finds out what can happen if you do not adhere to these rules and starts to believe that the boy is in fact alive.

The feel of the movie is dark and sets a good atmosphere with it being set in an old mansion.  As the plot unfolds you find out more about the family, the boy and the dark story that follows them.  So get your popcorn and settle in for a bit of a scare!