The Basics of Zombie Makeup

This video instructs you on hot to make a fresher looking zombie with fresh blood and scratches.  Maybe this person was just turned into a zombie recently!  It goes into some really great detail about what to use and gives fantastic tips on how to work with the different medias to get this effect.

Some tips to making your face makeup look better:

  • Don’t apply the face makeup too thick or else it will look really fake.
  • It’s necessary to use multiple colors of red and layer them up to make it look more realistic.  Usually the darker color comes first, then a lighter color is added to that, finally the darkest crusty color is added.  Finally, you can add fake blood using different sized brushes and a squeeze bottle for larger splattering effects.
  • To make your hair look more stringy you can use hair oil or conditioner to give it that nasty unclean look.