Do you think time travel is possible?  What would the repercussions be if we could travel to a time in the past, possibly change history and meet people we could not meet otherwise?  Maybe you could meet yourself, or your parents and prevent them from ever meeting…but then you would never be born or would you just be born to a different mother or father?  Anyway, it’s the topic of many sci-fi movies from the classic Time Machine to the more recent Looper, they all take a different twist on a well used theme, what would happen if…?  Enter Synchronicity, the latest entry in the time travel genre and it looks to be promising.  If you are familiar with cyberpunk anime from Japan, it has a very similar look with a dark and gritty atmosphere and a very technical/geeky kind of detailed backstory.  This time around, the twist to the story is that someone is trying to steal the secrets of time travel so the creator of the technology has to travel back in time to discover the truth.