Stab (hack, gouge…) Someone in the Back Effect

If you are into effects movie there may come a time when you just really want to stick it to someone, you know, an axe in the back or something else that’s just as effective…like a chainsaw or a rubber chicken.  It’s kind of a lengthy process to do this effect but I’ll try to keep my description as short as possible.

To start off with, you should get an axe or whatever you want to stick into someone.  If you are using something soft, like a rubber chicken, then it would be best to have two of them and just use the second one to cut up for the effect.  But most likely you are using something like a knife or axe, so it’ll be necessary to make some kind of replica out of clay, foam or similar because we are going to cut this one to attach it to a base.

Ok, so the trick is to make it look like the thin is sticking out of someone so we need to start with a solid base of some kind.  You cut the replica so it looks like it could really be sticking out of someone and then you attach it to the base.  You will also need to cut a hole in the shirt of whoever your unsuspecting victim will be so be sure to have a spare on hand.  You will also need to attach straps to the base so your actor can wear it.  After everything is prepped be sure to add a lot of blood.  The video above goes into more detail about all of the steps and actually shooting the video sequences so they can be composited together to make a seamless scene.

As an alternative to this effect you could just make a dummy and actually hit it with whatever you are using, but a rubber chicken may have some problems with penetration….so you might have to work on that.  And make sure there’s blood.   Lots and lots of blood.