Realistic Gore Makeup (arm)

As your productions become better funded you will have the cash flow for big budget effects artists who can in turn produce big budget special effects.  But if you’ve been reading Movie Magic articles you should know that we like to focus on low budget techniques that anyone can put into practice.  While a lot of these techniques are low budget there is a trade off in that it takes some skill and/or practice to get it right, and the video above is a perfect example of that.  I came across this video of a woman who makes a very grotesque and realistic looking open section on her arm.  It shows her making it from scratch, and how it builds up, layer upon layer until it reaches the finished product which would be suitable for any production no matter how big or small.  The effect she creates looks very realistic on film and I imagine it would look just as good in person due to the amount of time and detail she puts into it.  It’ll take some time to master the techniques that she uses, so get the tools need and get started!