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Transcendence (2014) review

  If you’re not familiar with the movie transcendence you probably should be, at least if you are into technology and like cyber-punk type stories.  The premise of the story

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens review

  The long anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally arrived with much fanfare and while the seventh installment of the series set new box office records it’s not without problems.  But first, let’s talk about what worked.  Since this

Orphan (2009) Review

Orphan (2009) Review Overall: The Orphan is a suspense-thriller starring Vera Farmiga and Isabelle Fuhrman that takes you on a wild ride.  The cast, including the youngest actors portraying the children in the movie, did an excellent job with creating a

The Devil Inside Review (2012)

The Devil Inside Review (2012) Overall: The Devil Inside is an entertaining horror movie that claims to be based on a true story.  It stars Fernanda Andrade who plays Isabella Rossi, the daughter of a woman who killed three people during an

Avengers: Age of Ultron review

  Avengers: Age of Ultron review     Overall rating: 4/5    

Neighbor Number 13 (2005)

Neighbor Number 13 (2005)     Overall rating: 2.5/5   Bullying is a pretty big problem In Japanese culture, even more so than in America. There’s the occasional news story that comes up of kids being bullied to death whether

Woman in Black 2 Review

    Overall rating: 2/5   In 2012 director James Watkins created an eerie thriller under the banner of Hammer Film Productions.  Daniel Radcliffe was cast in the lead role as a widowed lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who was assigned to

Spy (2015) Review

Spy Review   Overall rating: 1/5  

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