More with Drones: Filming Cars

Drones are becoming a popular for filmmaking these days because of their versatility in getting shots that would be difficult, costly and time consuming to produce by other means.  There have been a lot of development of drones specifically in the area of filmmaking for just that reason.  While it may not exactly be a low budget kind of choice for your production, it is a great choice for someone with just a little cash and can really give some of your scenes some wow factor because you can achieve some really great things with drones.

However, there is a learning curve to using drones for filmmaking.  It’s best to do a lot of practice with your drone before you actually try to use it for any kind of filming around real people.  You don’t want to be learning how to control your drone and accidentally fly it into someone which could possibly hurt them.  It also takes a lot of practice to get the tracking down (of people and cars) so this technique will also take practice as well.

It’s also important to have your shots planned out.  A simple set of sketches or even better a storyboard of the scene that will be using this footage will save time and frustrations now and also in post.  It’s to late to get another shot once you stop shooting and start post production, planning is a boring (and often overlooked and underdone) part of filming.  So once you are all practiced up and you have your shots planned out, grab that drone and camera and get to shooting.

The videos below are more examples of shooting cars (and other things) with drones.