Mission Creep

Ever have a project the started out simple and continued to grow into something much more than your initial plan, then you are a victim of mission creep.  Basically, mission creep is adding things to what you have already done.  Think of it like a to do list that just keeps growing.  Mission creep can cause budget overages, shooting delays, and huge delays in post production.

A mission creep scenario would go something like this: We’re going to do this.  And let’s do this, too.  And did I mention we I want this in there as well.  And while we’re at it, let do this other thing.

So now that you understand mission creep and you know how it can adversely affect your productions, how can you prevent it?  The easiest way is to have a well documented script and storyboard, and make sure everyone is on the same page as far as production requirements.  So basically through pre-planning and good documentaion (and sticking to that planning) is the key to helping avoid this costly problem.