Ooze, it’s the stuff that changed the Ninja Turtles into mutants and tried to eat Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters II, and who can forget the classic line “He slimed me.” muttered by Bill McMurray after his first encounter with Slimer.  Slime, or ooze depending on what you want to call it, can be used for some cool effects in movies and the ingredients used to make it are pretty simple: borax, water and Elmers school glue and food coloring of your choice.  For a nice toxic green slime, use two drops of greenfood coloring and five drops of yellow.  You can also add LED lights (as long as they are waterproof) or a glow stick to give it a really nice effect and make the slime glow!

Adjusting the amount of borax will effect how runny or firm the slime is, so if you want to make chunky stuff, just add more borax and it will be more like a solid than a slime.  And the opposite also holds true.  But when you don’t use enough borax the slime tends to ‘decompose’ after a while, it separates and becomes a nasty concoction of strange mush.  So experiment with it until you come up with good combinations you can consistently use.

You can also use it to make some good slimy gore for the horror movies with this recipe.  If you use white glue instead of clear, you can make it look like flesh, them make some clear slime to simulate thick blood or some other kind of internal nastiness.  Try different combinations of consistency and color to get some really cool effects.  It’s also really fun to use with splattering techniques, so go blow some holes in zombies and keep the slime flowing!