Making a low budget melting head

Have you ever come across someone who really got on your nerves and said to yourself “Boy, I wish I could make their face melt off.”?  Well, now you can!  Sort of… and it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it.  There are some basic things you will need to get in order to complete the effect like a skull, gumballs for eyese, soft modeling wax, crayons, a heat gun and some play-doh or other red modeling clay.

The video above gives a brief outline of hot to put all of these pieces together.  Basically you start by putting the red play-doh on the skull to simulate muscle, then you layer melted wax over that(first red, then white and finally a few layers of flesh tone.  Then once you are setup you use the heat gun to melt the face and you speed it up in post production.  All is explained in more detail in the video so be sure to check it out!