Making a BB-8 droid replica

Have you ever dreamed of having a droid like BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?  It’s design is very simple but the mechanics to make it move smoothly are very complex.  The video details how some of the parts were made and and gives some good tips for adding the details.

To start with, they describe how they made the head using a 3D printer and go into how they made the large sphere that was used for the body.  The builder also goes into a little explanation of his technique for making the head look smooth instead of something that came from a 3D printer.  Then they go into how the mechanics work on the smaller BB-8 and how it wasn’t possible to use the same techniques for the large one.  He then describes how he used a gyroscope to help keep the balance.  In the second part of the video they show a completed version of BB-8 and talk about how it was detailed with paint and weathered effects.  A nice touch he added was a metal piece that looked custom, but all he really did was take aluminum tape, sand it to make it look like brushed aluminum and cut it to shape; a really cheap and effective way to get an expensive finishing touch to some parts.  The finished product looks pretty cool!

So what do you want your droid to do?