Making a Cheap Set of Armor

If you are making a sci-fi movie you might need to have a cool set of armor for your futuristic soldiers or police officers.  There’s a pretty simple technique for making really cheap armor. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. foam pads (like for floors)
  2. poster board
  3. a heat gun
  4. spray paint
  5. a knife to cut the phone
  6. hot glue gun
  7. screws and other things to add detail to the armor
  8. belts with snap connectors (please see the video)

Ok, so to start, make a pattern with the poster board.

Next, you want to take that pattern and use it to cut out the foam shapes.  Once the shapes are cut out, you need to use the heat gun to help form the shapes.  Once the shape is done, you need to cut apart and hot glue the pieces of the belts to the armor so it will snap together.  After that, you can add your detail pieces to it adding more details to the foam using a Dremel.  Once everything is assembled you can use the spray paint to add color and distressing details to it.

You are really only limited by your imagination and artistic skill here.  So get creative, make some cool drawings at the beginning and start making your armor!