Commentary: Horror movies just aren’t interesting anymore


Is it just me or does it seem like horror movies have become just plain boring recently?  I can’t remember the last time I had a really good scare from anything on the big screen.  Where has all of the creativity gone?  They’ve traded it in for cookie-cutter films that seem to have been written by a computer with a shaky plot that’s the brainchild of Twittering teenagers.

The premise of the modern horror film is often fascinating and draws a lot of interest by myself and others to pony up the cash to watch the latest flick.  But they always seem to disappoint.  A horror movie is supposed to make you scared of the dark.  It’s supposed to make you scared to be alone at night.  But modern horror movies just don’t do that with enough frequency.  Maybe I’m becoming desensitized to everything because no one can seem to come up with anything new.  Have all the masters of horror really disappeared?

Why is it no one can seem to write a decent horror story these days?  It always revolves around mass-murdering stalkers or mutilating traps and other silly gimmicks.  But I don’t really blame the writers so much as I blame the studios.  They put out this dribble to make a quick buck or two and it works.  That’s why they keep doing it and why writers keep supplying the studios.

And another point I have is special effects.  I think the old traditional special effects are better, albeit sometimes less dramatic or realistic, than their CG counterparts.  Is this possibly where the horror genre has lost some of its magic?  I grew up watching actors in silicone masks using fake blood and guts but nowadays it has changed for a silicone of a different kind.  It’s kind of a shame really.  We have traded one form of art for another and I’m not knocking on CG, I think it’s great.  But maybe the use of it should be limited to things that can’t be done in the traditional ways.

So here’s my challenge to the writers and movie studios if they are up to it:  write a truly scary movie, with limited CG and special effects.  Focus on the story, THAT’s where the lasting terror come from not from CG monsters and grotesqueness.  We need more horror classic that make you want to watch over and over again.