Bang, Yer Dead! Shoot Someone in the Head Effect

What zombie movie would be complete without the master move of mayhem, the coveted head shot.  This effect is simple is concept but can be notoriously difficult setup and get to look right, and by right I mean blood and brain matter everywhere without looking completely fake.  There are three different videos showing three different ways to do a head shot for your production.  The first video above describes how to do more of a suicide head shot where the blood shoots out the back of the head.  This is pretty easy to do with just an air compressor, value, fake blood and prop gun.

The second video shows how to do a head shot where another person shoots someone in the head.  It goes into detail about making bullet holes with nose and scar wax, setting up the scene, actors actions and some creative cuts to make everything blend together while making your life easier at the same time.


The third video is a little similar to the second video in that it is also a head shot from another person but this one shows how to do more with compositing software instead of making an actual real effect.  In my opinion, the real effects look more…real.  It takes more time to setup and do on set but far less time behind a computer.  So really, it’s up to you which method you choose to do because there’s no right or wrong way, just the way that works best for your production.  Maybe a good deciding factor would be that if you have limited time on set, use the composite method and if you have a lot of time of the set use the real effect method to save time in post production.