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Using Gimbals For More Professional Productions

If you are not familiar with using a gimbal your moving shots are probably not as steady as they should be unless you have the worlds steadiest hands.  But if

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More with Drones: Filming Cars

Drones are becoming a popular for filmmaking these days because of their versatility in getting shots that would be difficult, costly and time consuming to produce by other means.  There have been a lot of development of drones specifically in

Mission Creep

Ever have a project the started out simple and continued to grow into something much more than your initial plan, then you are a victim of mission creep.  Basically, mission creep is adding things to what you have already done.

Greatest Visual-Special Effects Milestones in Film History

Greatest Visual-Special Effects (F/X) Milestones in Film History There’s a great comprehensive website that lists the history of the greatest visual and special effects milestones in history and it’s called appropriately enough “Greatest Visual-Special Effects (F/X) Milestones in Film History“.

Basic Camera Setups

Basic Camera Setups In order to achieve the desired shots your script calls for you are going to have to use a variety of different types of camera setups.  Below is a lit of the most commonly used camera setups

The Dolly Zoom

The Dolly Zoom The dolly zoom was developed by Alfred Hitchcock and is one of the most recognizable cinematic camera techniques first used in the movie Vertigo, and it is still being used in films today to give the feeling of

Filming sports events

Filming sports events can be exciting and profitable and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  It can be a simple as one camera or you can have a multiple camera setup  To start with, do some research in your

Lighting an Outdoor Scene During the Day

Lighting an Outdoor Scene During the Day There’s no doubt that lighting is an art that takes years to master and total control in order to get it perfect.  However, sometimes you are shooting a scene that’s outside so you

The 30 Degree Rule

The 30 degree rule The 30 degree rule is a basic rule in filmmaking that simply states that when you cut to a different shot you should move the camera by an angle of more than 30 degrees.  This is

The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds Rules, rules rules.  Love ’em or hate ’em they are everywhere, and photography and videography are no exception.  Setting up a shot for photography or video doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a little

Using a Drone for Filmmaking

Using a Drone for Filmmaking There are always new technologies coming out and aspiring film makers often find ways of incorporating them into productions.  Drones are rapidly becoming one of those technologies due to their cost effectiveness and ability to

The 8 Archetypes for Storytelling

The 8 Archetypes for Storytelling When you are writing any story you really need to put some thought into the character development and in order to do that you must first consider the relationships the characters are going to have

The Shakespearean Dramatic Structure

The Shakespearean Dramatic Structure To start with, we need to talk about this guy, Freytag.  He came up with this idea that a drama should be divided into five parts called the dramatic arc.  These parts are: exposition, rising action, climax, falling

Writing a screenplay: The Twelve Stages of a Hero’s Journey

Writing a screenplay: The Twelve Stages of a Hero’s Journey A modern story or screenplay can be very complex and contain so many different elements it’s difficult to determine exactly how the hero got into the situation he currently finds

Tips for Good Camera Technique

Tips for Good Camera Technique It can be a challenge to get professional looking results on a budget but it doesn’t have to be impossible and can be done with a lot of practice to improve your technique.  You will

Shadows are free! So why aren’t you using them in your low budget productions?

Lighting is an important part of any production but it can be critical for a horror or suspense movie.  A hinted or implied impression of something that’s there can be more powerful than seeing it in full.  It causes the

Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective Forced perspective is the art of altering the size of things by adjusting their distance from the camera.  This technique was masterfully used by director Peter Jackson in the Lord of the Rings films for various scenes with the

Front Projection Effect System

Front Projection effect is a technique similar to green screening but it’s done in camera instead of in post-production compositing.  The camera is able to combine both the subject and the background image in one shot.  It’s becoming a lost

Script Writing Terminology

The best way to learn the terminology  for script writing is to read a lot of scripts so you become more familiar with it.  Scripts are available on the internet, just do a Google search and you’ll be able to

What’s a camera jib and why you should be using one

What’s a camera jib and why you should be using one   A jib is a very useful piece of hardware that allows vertical movement of a camera in order to achieve movements and angles what would otherwise be difficult

Using a dolly for filming

Using a dolly for filming   Once you go beyond basic filming with a tripod you want to achieve more complex shots with moving cameras.  While it’s possible to have the cameraman walk while holding the camera it doesn’t produce

How to script and film a dynamic chase scene

How to script and film a dynamic chase scenes   Chase scenes are an excellent way to create energy and excitement to your movies but are notoriously difficult to script, setup and shoot not to mention dangerous if done improperly.

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