Cut someone in half effect – on a budget

If you are into making action or horror movies then the time may come when you need to cut one of your actors in half.  Instead of going to prison for the rest of your days you could instead make a few props to help you out and give you the kind of awesome shot you were hoping for.

To start with, you will need to build a platform or use something to hide the lower part of your actor’s body.  This is the key to making it look real.  If you can’t build a platform you could try digging a hole or setting up the scene on a bed and making a fake bed mattress out of some cheap materials (you can cover part of it up with sheets and blankets.

The materials list is pretty simple, you are also going to need two identical shirts, some foam, cardboard, hot glue, toilet paper, fake blood and anything else you would like to use for gore; for example, latex tubes and other chunks of body matter (whatever they may be made of).  The above video goes into more detail about what to do with all this and put it together into a believable scene so you can wow your friends and family with your filmmaking skills.