Commentary: What happened to The Walking Dead?


I remember thinking to myself “Finally, someone is doing the zombie genre the right way.” the first time I saw The Walking Dead.  So what happened?  When did it all start to fall apart?  In my opinion I think the main problem stems from the character development and it started falling short in season 3 and continued on into season 4.  This is such an important part of a TV series.  Without the evolution of characters and story it will become stagnant and that’s unfortunately what I think has happened to The Walking Dead.  The characters who have adapted to the challenges of this new world and new relationships show shallow development at best.

Also, the protagonist in any story is supposed to evolve just like the main character(s), but here lies a challenge for any zombie based film or series.  Coming up with fresh new ideas for the genre is challenging but it can be done.  Proof of point, look at Warm Bodies.  While in no way a scary movie, it gave a refreshing twist to the same old story and even offered a unique way of saving humanity.

I can imagine how difficult it must be to keep a series like The Walking Dead steaming ahead with fresh storylines and content.  But there are a lot of things that haven’t been explored in the series yet.  I would have really enjoyed it more if the writers had taken some liberties to come up with some truly creative and innovative ideas to add to the genre instead of just playing off of the classic (but often used and beaten into the ground) themes from zombie movies.  So hats off to the creative talent behind this great series and let’s hope they can overcome some of the shortfalls that have come to plague it.